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Thiruvallur Church

The main church in Thriuvallur which is approximately 45 km from the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu State has to date in 2007, 400 believers attending this church.

The church is very active in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to the town, by distributing booklets of the Gospel of John and other literature around the houses and in the streets. During Christmas and Easter the church takes to the street with a parade. The Easter parade saw a large cross being dragged through the town which raises the interest of people in the good news of Jesus Christ. Also during the Christmas period a nativity scene was paraded through the street finishing in the grounds of the new church site. Here Pastor Thankachan spoke of the love of God in Jesus Christ and the forgiveness you can receive through His death on the cross! Many responded to the invitation and were baptised in water.


The church continues to grow and support the village churches of the region along with the other numerous projects the 'Full Gospel Church of God' has commissioned.


Trivulore church

Thriuvallur church November 2013


Water baptism 2018

Church building baptism

Water baptisms 2018