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Deliverance Time - TV Ministry

Full Gospel Church of God Ministries has been broadcasting on Indian Satellite TV since 2004.

It was our hearts desire to begin a television ministry to reach the people of India. We prayed for many years and at Christmas time 2004 by God’s divine plan we met with a group of people who encouraged us to develop a TV ministry.

Television crosses boundaries that we are physically unable to do. There has been much opposition to street preaching, house to house ministry, but through the TV ministry we are able to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people of India.


Through the TV ministry thousand of people are hearing the gospel and many are touched by the power of God and are healed. Every month we receive hundreds of letters and phone calls, more then we expected.

God is doing great things through the television ministry. Also Pastor Richard Brunton shares the Good news of Jesus Christ along with Pastors Thankachan, Finny & Joy.


‘The whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord’. Please consider partnering with us to reach the homes and precious people of India with the Good News of Jesus Christ.



James from Mathuri (600KM from Chennai) wrote a letter saying that he had to take 3-5 tablets a day for is headache. He watched our program and on that day we asked the sick to lay their hands on the sick part of their body and He did so.

As soon as the prayer was said, he was completely healed from the headache. Praise be to God.

Shaline from Chennai called us as soon as the program finished asking us to pray for her husband to return back and live with her because they had been separated for 7 years. We prayed and in the next week she called ‘Deliverance TV’ and she was overjoyed, praising God and thanking again and again because God had healed her marriage. After 7 years of separation, her husband had came back home and now they are living happily together in Christ.

Thankachan & Pila tv

Pastor Thankachan & Beulah, Praying over the prayer requests