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Street Children

God has given us a vision to care for the poor street children. Children from the age 5 to 15 are very pityfull to see because they are born on the street, living in the street and dying on the street. They don’t have proper food, education, clothes or a place to sleep etc and they are abused sexually, mentally and physically. Their future becomes child labour, prostitution and a victims of thugs.

Our vision is to provide care for the street children, give them good food, clothes and education. We rent a hall once a month in Chennai and have selected 50 pastors and believers who can counsel and teach them what life is about and teach them the good news of the gospel. We provide them with good food, prizes and clothing each month.

Please pray for the street children ministry.


Street Children Meeting: - Our 1st event was on 27th February we had street children meeting in the heart of Chennai city. 50 volunteer workers joined in this wonderful ministry.  In the early morning a few volunteers went to the city and gave tokens to 150 children in the bus station and market street.  At 10.a.m. more than150 children and many ladies came to the YMCA Hall which we rented.  First we started with a prayer, and then we separated the children in to small groups, told them some Bible stories and had them paint some pictures. We showed them a drama, dance and taught them action songs. A few Pastors and our orphanage children told their testimonies how their life has changed with Jesus and lifted them up.  I told them how to live without stealing, telling lies and using bad words and how much Jesus loves them. All the children promised that they would be good and pray to Jesus.  Finally we gave them gifts and food. Everyone was very happy and all the children were very much encouraged.  We also promised to give them Bibles the next month.  

It was a wonderful time together. These children have no hope in this life. They are born on the street, live on the street and die on the street. Many of the children don’t know who their father or mother are.  We shared about their loving father in heaven. Many of them decided to live for Jesus. This one day of street children event cost 500 Dollars for the YMCA Hall rent, food and gifts. It would be good to continue every month. On the 27th March we went the same place. This time 200 children gathered together. Praise Jesus.

In Matthew 18: 10 Jesus said “see that you do not look down on one of these little ones…. We need your valuable prayers to continue this work with the Street Children.

Thanking you  Pastor. A. Thankachan.

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