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Older Persons Home

India traditionally has been a country that respects their elders and cares for people in their old age but now the younger generation in all their busyness forget the old ways of life to care for their elderly parent and many parents are sent to old people’s homes.

Many that have come to stay in Ebenezer Home for the elderly when they arrived were worried and felt rejected by their own children.


But our God is a faithful God and He never forsakes anyone. By God's grace the Full Gospel Church of God has been supporting the elderly & widows from the beginning of its ministry. By the prayer & financial support of faithful people of God, we now have a home for the elderly & widows in the Lord's Garden site, where they can worship the Lord and live peacefully.


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The Lord's Garden:


The Lord's Garden is located 2Km from the Full Gospel Church of God just outside Thiruvallur.


The Ebenezer home for older people and widows is located on the Full Gospel Churchs' farm land where crops are cultivated, paddy rice, groundnut and small beans etc.


The food grown on the farm land is used to feed the Ebenezer Children's Home, bible college students, elderly people & the poor people in the church.


Please Pray for: good health for the older people and for the crop production.



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