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The 2nd of May 2008 was the Shalom Bible College Graduation Service. This year we arranged a united Graduation Service of Tamil Nadu, Orissa and  Jharkhand Colleges.  We praise God that 35 young men and women Graduated and all these new Pastors are now involved in the work of God.

Shalom Bible Colleges

Seminars for Pastors and Leaders

More than 50 Pastors and Leaders participated in a leader's conference at Thiruvallur from April 9 to 30th in various Bible Seminars. During these twenty days we experienced the presence of God with us.  We had a life changing experience; all of the leaders rededicated themselves to do God's ministry in powerful way.

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Thiruvellore Healing Crusade Aug 08

The spirit of God is moving mightily in different parts of India.  We were very blessed by God Almighty during our miracle healing meetings.  It was one of the biggest miracle crusade. God stopped the heavy rain. The month of August is the rainy month but God stopped rain in the meeting area. More than 2,500 people gathered to hear the word of God. Every day hundreds of people came forward to live for Jesus. The power of God touched and healed hundreds of people every day. They came to the stage and gave wonderful testimonies of how God delivered them. Many evil spirits screamed and left the people. “There was great joy in that city” Acts 8:8 happen in Thiruvellore Town. Praise the Lord.

May 30 to 2nd  June 2013, we arranged a Miracle Healing and Good news festival at Tiruppur Town. We faced much opposition in that Town to preach the Gospel. On the 29th May a large number of converts Rally arranged by BJP. Doors for Gospel closing  in India slowly,  so we arranged meetings at TELC church campus. Each day 1000 to 1500 people attended these meetings. Every day hundreds of people came forward to live for Jesus. The spirit of God touched and healed many people from sickness and  demon  spirits. They gave wonderful testimonies, how they had suffered and how they were delivered. Gospel's and new testaments are given to the new converts. Please continually pray this new convert rooted in the word of God.

Report  May 2013